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Pin in place and then hand stitch securely through the hat (please, don’t glue. Hand stitch in place, catching through any edge trimmings into the straw. At this point, unpick the outer straw edge beyond the margins of your bonnet markings. Note: at this point, the stitched and braided straw can easily start to fall apart along the cut edge. My straw really started falling apart at this point, so I ran some lightweight hem tape in a coordinating color around the inside edge. By chance, he ran into representatives from Moolah, who were at the bar guzzling Cristal at $200 a bottle. And still, there are those who wear both a silk scarf and a bonnet together for extra protection for their locs. I find that hatmaking can be fairly intimidating, and I’m sure I’m not alone there. The volume of this system can be controlled via a flap regulation system switch. You can use different modes to increase or lower down the heat. Glue is very difficult to remove from straw, and re-activates with steam and heat. Finally, if you can, find a hat that hasn’t been trimmed with hot glue.

Then, take it to a steam iron (watch that glue if there is any!) and steam into a more rounded shape. Next, roughly sketch out your bonnet shape. For my hat, I steamed out some of the harsh transition from crown to brim. For my hat, I used a mix of floral stems, fabric scraps, and ribbons. The Josie Mae bonnet will be the perfect baby shower gift and can be made in all sorts of fabric! The stitches are nice and clear and the fabric soft and right enough stretchy. The trip back started into the wind that had provided the nice ride north. Start and stop at center back or somewhere unobtrusive that you plan to cover with trim. It has an inset panel down the center front that can be embellished in many different ways including piping, rick-rack, ruffles, ribbon trim and more! Height given is measured BEFORE the brim is already folded up – from the base of the un-folded up brim to the center top of hat. A lining keeps the hat from snagging your hair, gives it support, and protects it from hair products etc. I chose bobbinet so it would stay light and airy, and because hat pins should go right through it.

Stay On Satin is made from a special patent pending two sided material that is soft inside so it does not slip- and satiny smooth on the outside so it slides against your pillow.The Stay On Satin Extra Large Sleep Bonnet protects your style while sleeping. Do you know, that silk bonnet are the best accessory and protects your hair, too? A must-have accessory for the modern day glamour girl. Now, that girl had ways of tormenting me that Mother never knew of. I used a scrap of bobbinet for the lining. If you’re partial to the oversized look, this cotton cap with silk charmeuse lining is definitely your speed. Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment – Extra Large Soft Adjustable Hair Dryer Attachment for Handheld Hair Dryer – for Natural Textured Curly Hair – Deep Conditioning and Drying Heat Cap – Bonnet Buddy 8.2/10 our score Check Price At Amazon You can comfortably wear it with rollers and apply it for making further voluminous hairstyles.

I used a frixion marker in light blue which disappears with heat (and is unfortunately hard to see in photos). Again, the heat setting should be conveniently accessible and easy to adjust.4. Wayand National Park of India is spread over an area of 344 sq km and forms a part of the Wayanad Plateau. Art and music studios were part of the home’s design, with touches of “Caribbean” color everywhere. Bartlett once studied with Whistler and had a vast holding of art in Chicago including works by Picasso, van Gogh and Matisse. Don’t stress too much, this is more art than science. However, don’t stress about getting it perfect at the start. How to make a two-tiered cake in 8 easy steps, Simple Steps on How to Improve Canned Baked Beans, Slowcooker Cowboy Crack Dip In 3 Easy Steps, Top 6 Best BBQ Grill Smokers – The perfect combo.… The back of the bonnet is perfect for embroidering a monogram or other design and is also reversible so you can achieve two looks in one! Add millinery wire around the inside edge of the brim, set back by about 1/2”. I did this by machine, but it can also be stitched by hand.

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