large adjustable satin bonnet

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Both fabrics are left unfinished and fraying inside the bonnet at the seam with the crown. Poke bonnet made of cream and ivory silk jacquard, woven in a hatch-marked zig-zag pattern, sewn to a buckram frame with a wire reinforcing the front edge and the base of the crown. The top of the crown at the back of the head is covered in a piece of the cream and ivory jacquard, loosely pleated in diagonal accordion pleats and basted to the buckram beneath. This rectangle covers the raw edges of the pleated crown section but is not sewn in place; it is however basted firmly to the join of the brim to the bonnet. Just like other heated styling tools, bonnet hair dryers vary widely in price, costing anywhere from $12 to $200 and sometimes more. And more – decorated china plates and figurines (some on music boxes) – to give or collect. Try as you might, it is hard to envision more perfect sailing than we experienced on the return crossing. Actress, wildlife presenter and conservationist Ms Svenska, who regularly makes headlines with her flamboyant Ascot headwear, said this year she wanted to use her record-breaking hat to try to convince racegoers, horse owners and industry insiders to improve standards.